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Weekend Bliss – Get to Know Me

Hi Blogging Family,

I just wanted to give you a peek into my weekend so that you can get better acquainted with me. I always start my days off from work with picking out a small bouquet of flowers. Last weekend, I found one with a cute little butterfly that hovers over the rose. As a granddaughter of a florist, I appreciate little details like this. It instantly brightens my day.

It snowed on Saturday morning, so I prepped a few photos for the blog. I have a 5 second rule with photos. I take everything from my phone, quickly crop and adjust lighting if need be, and that’s it. I spend maybe 10 minutes max per shoot. I’m sure it shows, however, I never intended my blog posts to take up a weekend. The photos are supposed to be fun and real.

Anyways…on to the recycling center nearby. I live in a brand new eco-friendly complex that’s super energy efficient. I think I pay about 30 US$ max on electricity per month. That being said, they really lack on a recycling center for glass and cardboard. No worries…my loyal friend and I braved the cold and recycled everything that I had collected, feeling good the second I returned home to a clean and organized pantry (another perk of this place is a huge walk in pantry that holds my recycling bins).

Next, over to Target to pick up new bedding. I’ve been saving for this amazingly soft and luxurious comforter set all month. It’s designed by Justina Blakeney, one of my favorite bloggers. You have to check out her fabulous blog! At Target, I went back and forth for a while on committing to a color palate, my friend waiting patiently by. In the end, I decided to go for the same golden yellow tone that I have in my bathroom. The rest of my place is modern and white so this just seemed right.

Back home, I treated my friend to a yummy Spanish meal that he deserved. Saturday night movies included one comedy, one action with plenty of snacks that I’m testing for a future blog post. At the end of the night, Archie (my little rescue cat) and I went to sleep in the softest bed you can imagine.

Sunday was a rest day. I’ll blog more about my new Sunday routine in a later post because it really helps with the anxiety of starting a new work week. I planted my new house plants, finding them a new home near a large window. At night, I finished off my weekend with reading the last chapters of “Cilka’s Journey” by Heather Morris. I plan to review it this week for you all.

The sun will set soon in the Pacific Northwest. Gotta go capture the view. It’s finally sunny today.

Enjoy the week everyone!


Spanish Rice and Beans


Yesterday morning, Archie, my little rescue cat, woke me up to see the snow falling outside. He was so sweet. It was beautiful and melted just in time to convince a loyal friend to brave the cold and join me on a trip to the recycling center. After feeling eco-friendly, we then headed off to Target to pick up a comforter set by my favorite designer and blogger Justina Blakenay. As a reward, I cooked a Spanish dinner that was easy to put together on a whim.

My version of Spanish beans and rice is inspired by the Spanish cuisine of incorporating soforitos (a base of garlic, onion, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil), herbs, paprika, spices, and legumes. I love this recipe for its versatility. You can add toppings like plant-based sour cream, cheddar cheese shreds and/or scallions. It really depends on your taste and what you have available.

Before I get to the recipe, I want to give a shout out to everyone that’s been viewing my post these past weeks. Thank you! It motivates me to keep posting and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. OK…Vamos! Lets get cooking.
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Greek Plant Based Pasta Salad

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A Comforting Dish The Whole Family Will Love

After last week, I realized how important family was. A beloved member of my godmother’s family suddenly passed away. She was an incredible teacher full of hugs, wisdom, and kindness. Being around my godmother’s family reminded me of what enduring love is.

As a writer, you often shut the world out to focus on your craft. I know too many incredible writers that do just that. I guess that’s why I developed this blog. After all, what’s the fun in cooking a meal if you can’t share it with a loved one, friend, or neighbor?

I went home after the service and made a large serving of my favorite pasta salad knowing I’d share it with my neighbor and her daughter. You can eat it warm or cold, add other veggies that you prefer such as zucchini or bell peppers, and its mild enough for even little ones to love (just leave out the onions and garlic). Choose the pasta you like gluten free or plain. And you can make it dairy-free now that we have feta and Parmesan options through brands like Violife. You just have to try different brands available to you until you find the ones you love.

Remember to be kind to yourself, especially when grieving the loss of someone you admire and love. Listen to calming music and make a dish that you can share with someone so you don’t feel alone. I hope this recipe inspires you to eat healthy both mind, body, and soul.
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