Excerpt 1 – Dolce – Stai Bene?

Chapter One Dolce.jpg
Matteo spotted Emily dressed in jeans and blue velvet blazer, parting the flow of business travelers.

For a moment he hesitated, watching her wander towards the luggage carousel. Emily’s dark wavy hair, the way her full lips pursed in seriousness, and that unmistakable strength in her petite frame, were just the same. And though she had become a beautiful young woman, her knowing eyes were less confidant than before.

Matteo smiled at Emily and waved. In seconds, she tripped over the corner of a man’s carry-on.

“Emily!” Matteo sprung forward. He held her arms, helping her to stand. “Stai bene?”

“I’m all right.” Emily said. “It’s good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you too.” Matteo kissed her cheeks, catching a hint of her strawberry shampoo. “Let’s go find your luggage.”

“Where’s Alina?” Emily asked.

“She’s waiting in the car.”

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