Sourdough Starter – Peace in Ukraine

Ellie Bleu I Stand With Ukraine

As Wednesday draws to a close, I can’t help but blog. My search for a flat is coming to a close and fingers crossed, I’ll be in a new home before I know it. My heart though is with the residents of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. According to NPR News, local officials say about 70% of the grocery stores are closed tonight. It’s heartbreaking to think that one-third of all women and children have fled their homes in this region. I pray that we all find a way to help bring justice and hope to those displaced by war.

I can think of nothing more satisfying then starting a trend to converse about what is going on in Ukraine. When I stumbled upon two recipes for a sourdough starter, I couldn’t help wonder…could we start a trend to break bread with our Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Jewish friends? What better way than to create something miraculous out of flour and water?

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