Sourdough Starter – Peace in Ukraine

Ellie Bleu I Stand With Ukraine

As Wednesday draws to a close, I can’t help but blog. My search for a flat is coming to a close and fingers crossed, I’ll be in a new home before I know it. My heart though is with the residents of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. According to NPR News, local officials say about 70% of the grocery stores are closed tonight. It’s heartbreaking to think that one-third of all women and children have fled their homes in this region. I pray that we all find a way to help bring justice and hope to those displaced by war.

I can think of nothing more satisfying then starting a trend to converse about what is going on in Ukraine. When I stumbled upon two recipes for a sourdough starter, I couldn’t help wonder…could we start a trend to break bread with our Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Jewish friends? What better way than to create something miraculous out of flour and water?

Sourdough Starter for Peace

Sourdough Starter How-To:
Sourdough Starter 101
How to Make a Sourdough Starter @lions.bread
Ukrainian Sourdough Starter

Directions – Follow for updates on the progress I make inspired by the recipes above 🙂 

#PrayforUkraine #SourdoughStarterforPeace

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