Tzatziki with “Parmesan” Pita Chips


Tzatziki is a staple at my house and replaces ranch dip for veggies, bread sticks, baked potatoes…the list could go on forever. My family also loves eating the dip with homemade pita chips. You’ll never guess that the pita chips are gluten and dairy free. By blending raw cashews with nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and sea salt, you’ll never go back to that green can of parmesan again. Continue reading “Tzatziki with “Parmesan” Pita Chips”


A Trick for Creamy Hummus

hummusThe secret ingredient…

Ice water. It’s as simple as that. Using about two teaspoons of ice cold water turns a basic hummus recipe into perfection.

When I moved to Greece, I quickly learned that everyone had their own “greatest” hummus recipe. And although each one was delicious in my book, my friends would argue whether to use olive oil or tahini, lemon or paprika, fine sea salt or coarse…a debate that’s been going since Homer wrote the Iliad. One thing everyone could agree on was using ice water.

I ended up merging all of their suggestions into one epic hummus recipe. It became a family favorite, and I can’t wait to share it with you today. Continue reading “A Trick for Creamy Hummus”


How to Crack a Coconut


The safe way.

Cracking a coconut is easier than you might think. All you do is soak a husked coconut in water. Then, using the back of a large cleaver, forcefully tap on the horizontal lines of the shell. It breaks within seconds. However, the technique is a little unsafe.

So if you’re not stranded on an island and have a oven at your disposal, there’s another simple trick. Bake the coconut. Here’s how:

Continue reading “How to Crack a Coconut”