How to Make Greek Bean Soup – Fasolada

IMG_20221115_132712579_2 Whenever I miss Greece, I cook fasolada (φασολάδα) and my kitchen fills with the aroma of the Mediterranean. I lived near an outdoor farmers market in Athens and found all the ingredients I needed to make this amazingly simple yet satisfying traditional dish. To cut time, I used canned white beans instead of dried. The flavors still turned out perfect.

As I move towards my next chapter in life, I wanted to share with others my journey towards health and happiness. Although I can’t simply fly back in time and quickly restore the strong, confident, woman I was while I lived in Greece, I can bring the food back to my plate. I did that yesterday, when I breathed in the soul filling broth of fasolada. Beautiful memories of stepping out of my flat in a sundress and sandals with a basket hung on my arm came back to me. I could remember the route to Syntagma square, the cafe and taverna that my flatmates and I frequented, and the tastes of marinated olives and hearty vegetable soups of November. Life was good.

I hope this dish brings a smile to your face as it had to mine. Just don’t serve it in a bread bowl. That was purely for aesthetics. You’ll want to savor each sip of the broth balanced with the creaminess of white beans. Make sure you have lemons on hand and a sprinkle of fresh oregano or parsley.

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