Writer's Corner

Holiday Paper Crafting

Hi Blogging Family,

As some family and friends may know, my dream is to become a published author. Now that I have finished my manuscript, I am ready to make my final edits. At 400 pages, this is quite a daunting task. I decided to break it up in pages of 50 per week. This allows me to take a few days away from the manuscript and re-read it with fresh eyes before printing it out and editing the next 50 pages. What do I do in-between edits? Craft 🙂

I love crafting flowers. There’s something about transforming paper into petals that makes me smile. I found a few crafting kits at Paper Source over the weekend. I also picked up a Santa postal bag and made little envelops that seemingly float up in the sky. My new apartment feels so magical now. I hope this inspires you to take a break from work and get creative.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!