Birthday Surprise Cake

Good morning blogging family, 

There’s a lot to be thankful for today. I’m around new friends, got calls at 12 and 1 a.m. to wish me happy birthday, and was surprised with snow and a birthday cake. Apparently when you cut into the cake, more candy will fall out. Full disclosure, we couldn’t resist a few kit kats with coffee this a.m. 

We’re waiting for tonight to see what’s inside the cake (roomer has it that it’s my favorite vegan candy).  I can’t wait to try and make it. If you have a similar recipie for a pinata cake let me know. In the meantime, to all my friends and family weathering out the snow, stay warm and eat lots of cake 🙂


Chocolate Chip Brownies


Dear blogging family,

I hope this post finds you safe at home tonight. It was a hard day for America and New York especially. We surpassed China in the coronavirus outbreak.

Even on the saddest days, I have found that human kindness is all around us. As a social justice coordinator, I wondered how I could motivate others to help those most in need. After all, I’m relatively new to work and wasn’t exactly sure how people would react to the virus outbreak. Would they keep to themselves and focus on their families? Would they be afraid to reach out to the vulnerable? The answer is, absolutely not. I’m already seeing others identify the needs of our community, willing to donate their time and money to see that no one is left behind in assistance. What a special thing to be a part of.

It was raining when I took pictures of the brownies. Now, as I have one before dinner 😉 the sun is shining and I think I’ll go for a walk. I hope all of you get a little break from the rain in your life and see a glimpse of sunlight. As for brownies…well it can’t hurt to have one or two in order to get through the evening. Continue reading